November 18-21, 2017


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Where is the event?


This year, PyCon Canada will be held November 18-21, 2017 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


Keynote speakers

Lynn Root

Site Reliability Engineer

Lynn Root is a Site Reliability Engineer at Spotify; but in reality, she tends to break things rather than make them more reliable. Lynn is also a global leader of PyLadies, and the founder & former leader of the San Francisco PyLadies. When her hands are not on a keyboard, they are usually holding a pair of knitting needles.

Camille Fournier

Managing Director and Head of Platform Engineering

Camille Fournier is a Managing Director and Head of Platform Engineering at Two Sigma. She is the former Chief Technology Officer of Rent The Runway and a former Vice President of Technology at Goldman Sachs.

Fournier earned an undergraduate degree from Carnegie Mellon University and a Master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. She is a maintainer of the Apache ZooKeeper open source project, writes the Ask The CTO column for O'Reilly Media, and is a regular public speaker and advocate for greater diversity within technology and leadership. Her book, "The Manager's Path," was published by O'Reilly in early 2017.

Julia Evans

Software Engineer

Julia Evans is a software engineer at Stripe. In her spare time, she runs a programming blog about what she's learning (systems programming, often!) at and publishes zines at She thinks it's important to understand the fundamentals of how your systems work.

Mariatta Wijaya

Python Core Developer & Software Engineer at Sony Pictures Imageworks

Mariatta is a Python Core Developer and a Software Engineer at Sony Pictures Imageworks. She helps organize Vancouver PyLadies and PyCascades conference. She moved to Canada almost two decades ago and now considers Vancouver as her home.


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20-21 November

PyCon Canada Development Sprints are two days of intensive learning and development on an open source project of your choice, in a team environment. It's a time to come together with colleagues, old and new, to share what you've learned and apply it to an open source project.

They will be held at the UQAM Chaufferie du Pavillon Coeur des sciences, room CO-R700 (175 Avenue du Président-Kennedy).

PyCon provides the space and infrastructure (network, power, tables & chairs); you bring your skills, humanity, and brainpower (oh! and don't forget your computer).