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We thank our fantastic sponsors who help make this event possible. Get in touch if your organization would like to support PyCon Canada 2017.


At Mozilla, we’re a global community of technologists, thinkers and builders working together so people worldwide can be informed contributors and creators of the Web. Our mission is to ensure the Internet is a global public resource, open and accessible to all, where individuals can shape their own experience and are empowered, safe and independent.
VM Farms specializes in providing DevOps Engineering and Server Operations as a fully managed service to SaaS development teams building with Linux and Open Source. Their service is offered as a highly scalable and cost effective alternative to building an internal team or tools. Utilizing a robust, cloud-agnostic platform, VM Farms saves organizations the time and costs associated with hiring, as well as with building out deployment pipelines, processes, configurations, and environments. VM Farms works closely with organizations to ensure that their environments are built and maintained in-line with 12 Factor methodology, as well as within best practices for security, stability, and performance. Managing and supporting everything below code, VM Farms works tirelessly behind the scenes with many leading SaaS products to enable fast, frequent, and issue-free deployments, as well as on-going server operations and maintenance. For more information or to book a consultation, visit: https://vmfarms.com
In an ever-evolving industry, embracing transformation has been instrumental to Bell’s success as Canada’s communications leader. Investing more than any competitor in innovation and encouraging creativity and agility in our diverse workforce of 50,000+ team members has enabled Bell to provide ground-breaking communications products and solutions to our customers.
At Argo AI, we're tackling one of the most challenging applications in computer science, robotics and artificial intelligence: vehicles that are fully autonomous and able to navigate city streets. With headquarters in Pittsburgh and engineering hubs in Southeastern Michigan and the Bay Area of California, we are building a high-performance team that captures the best talent in each market. We're led by self-driving experts with decades of experience in developing intelligent systems, and with the organizational leadership necessary to lead a successful, focused team.
Double Negative (Dneg) is one of the world’s leading providers of visual effects and animation for feature film and television, with facilities in London, Vancouver, Montréal, Los Angeles, Mumbai and Chennai in India. The studio has been recognised for it’s outstanding work winning Academy Awards, BAFTAs and Visual Effects Society Awards for films such as ‘Ex Machina’, ‘Interstellar’ and ‘Inception’. Our Production Technology department creates the tools and processes used by our artists to generate powerful images that stun and move audiences world-wide. Globally we have 140 people in Production Technology, supporting over 1500 artists. Our teams work at the forefront of technology in our industry. For some, that’s the cutting edge of digital environment creation, characters, creatures and effects, from the real (water, smoke and fire) to the magical. Others are applying the latest computing trends in micro-services, distributed computing, database design, software distribution and data transfer to provide key services and frameworks.


Dialogue is a virtual healthcare platform exclusively for Canadian businesses, providing their employees with a new type of benefit: an on-demand virtual access to healthcare professionals directly on their smartphone or on a web app. Think of having a full-service clinic staffed with the best experts in every field in your pocket: chat with nurses, video consultations with Doctors, referrals to specialists, request for lab tests, free medication delivery, etc. We're very collaborative and fortunate to have a multi-disciplinary team, we're growing fast and people who use Dialogue love the service!
G Adventures is an adventure travel pioneer offering the planet's most awe-inspiring selection of affordable small-group tours, safaris and expeditions with a strong focus on sustainable tourism. The travel industry has many slow-moving players, but G Adventures is unlike those. We love Python, build modern JavaScript applications, have a robust REST API, and are moving full steam ahead to disrupt the industry. We have a pretty cool office in Toronto, so come check us out!
Google Montréal employs top Montrealers to work on global projects related to Machine Intelligence, Security and Chrome. We are happy to support PyCon Canada!


Ecometrica is an end-to-end environmental software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider that is recognised as one of the world’s top Sustainability brands. By bringing together sustainability, environment, risk and business management and reporting with geospatial intelligence and mapping applications, the award-winning Ecometrica Platform allows businesses, governments and organisations to make smarter decisions and build long-term value. Ecometrica brings together recognised experts in environmental and sustainability accounting, and our software supports all aspects of sustainability planning, operations and reporting. Our data and software services are available worldwide through our offices in Montreal, Boston, London, and Edinburgh. Ecometrica will provide clarity and illumination on environmental impacts. Our goal is not to tell you what to do, but to provide you with the best information so that you can decide which direction is right for your own organisation. We are there to help you build knowledge and capacity, manage relationships, and navigate difficult times.
SurveyMonkey is the world's leading provider of web-based survey solutions, and we’re looking to transform the way people make decisions. We're a smart, passionate group of people who work hard to deliver the best survey experiences on the planet, period. We believe everyone deserves easy access to the information and insights they need to make better, more informed decisions. We're also proud to admit that despite our incredible growth over the past 16 years, we refuse to grow up. We stay curious. We believe in good ol’ roll-up-your-sleeves scrappiness. Everyone plays an impactful role, because we’re here to make a difference. And when we say good ideas can come from anyone, we mean it. SurveyMonkey is trusted by millions of customers, including 99% of the Fortune 500, as well as other businesses, academic institutions and organizations of all shapes and sizes. We collect 3 million survey responses daily from people in all countries around the world.


In 2010, Wave launched an industry-changing free, online accounting software built for small businesses. Since then, we've grown into a full suite of award-winning financial services: invoicing, payments, payroll, and lending - helping entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes grow and thrive. We've hand-picked top talent to join one of the most exciting Fintech companies around. Proudly headquartered in Toronto, the Wave team is 165 people strong and growing fast. Differences in experience, background, and thought are our wellspring of new ideas and innovation. An inclusive culture is foundational to the overall success of our workforce diversification strategy. Wave proudly participates in programs like Ladies Learning Code and PyLadies and is a founding sponsor of VentureOut, supporting LGBTQ+ participation in the world of startups and entrepreneurship. With a long history as founders of PyConCA, as both sponsors and attendees, we're thrilled to be able to live our values as a sponsor for the Diversity sponsorship for #PyConCA2017


Outbox offers a fully integrated white label live event ticketing solution to Venues and Promoters worldwide. Through its omnichannel approach and demand-based pricing, Outbox offers best-of-breed, responsive selling tools and real-time integration with multiple ticketing channels to engage consumers wherever they decide to buy event tickets. Present in more than 20 countries and offered in over 15 languages, the Outbox solution processes over $1 billion in ticket sales annually. Over 150 million mobile, RFiD and paper tickets have already been scanned using our EventN3™ access control solution. Outbox offers the best ticket selling tool in the world. Outbox engineers rely on the flexibility of Python and the power of Linux to quickly develop new products and features. Outbox leverages its patent-pending “Waiting Room™“, as well as advanced fraud detection mechanisms to service some of the world’s busiest and most high profile stadiums, arenas and theaters.


With nearly 40 professors, the UQAM Department of Computer Science is one of the largest in Canada. In addition to providing co-op placements, the Bachelor of Computer Science and Software Engineering program is recognized by the Canadian's Association if I.T. Professionals. The professors of the department work on several themes of research: software engineering, theoretical computer science, computer system, telecommunications, cognitive computing and bioinformatics. The Department of Computer Science offers many programs at the three levels of study, including three master's degrees and two doctorates.

Web Design

Caravan is a Montreal-based IT cooperative that develops turnkey products and provides consulting services. Our mission is to create partnerships that focus on collaboration between businesses and entrepreneurs in the new economy.


It started with one question: “When will my ride get here?” Four years later, we’ve built North America’s favourite transit app and helped millions of commuters to navigate their cities without losing their minds. We dream of happier communities, where multiple modes work together and getting from A to B with Transit is simpler than climbing into a car. Our cities came long before the car, and will still be around after all the cars are gone.
Thoughtexchange® provides software and services that bring people together to build trust and make progress on important topics. Whether it’s employees, customers or whole communities, our solutions effortlessly connect you to your stakeholders. People can confidentially and independently share their thoughts, appreciate other points of view and understand how their perspectives are connected to decisions. We have helped hundreds of thousands of people across North America participate in large group conversations about challenging topics like organizational improvements, change management and culture. Our patent-pending data analysis gives leaders and participants the insights they need to make informed decisions and take action with confidence.
Devolutions is a global software company helping organizations worldwide control the IT chaos by maximizing security through highly secured password, remote connection and privileged access management platforms. Since 2010, Devolutions has become a leading security partner with over 300,000 users spread across 130 countries including renowned customers such as SpaceX, Shell, Loto-Québec, Walt Disney, NASDAQ, Dell, Sony, Microsoft, Pfizer, Airbnb and NASA.
At EfficiOS, our main goal is diminishing the amount of time our clients spend identifying faults. We also enable our clients' applications to scale on massive multi-core systems, and to meet real-time constraints. We do so by implementing open source tools and libraries such as LTTng and Userspace RCU.
In partnership with Canadian documentation organizations and scholarly publishers, Érudit works toward the digital dissemination of scientific and cultural publications in the humanities and social sciences.


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Savoir-faire Linux is an exceptional team of more than 120 free software experts based in Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Paris, Rennes and Lyon who respond efficiently and ingenuously to the constant evolution of information systems.