Thinking in GraphQL with Python on Nov. 19, 2017 at 3:40 p.m. in Tutorial (R-M150)

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GraphQL is a query language that facilitates data centric communication between clients and servers. It is designed to be language agnostic, and there is one or more implementations of it in almost all major languages. In this tutorial, I will focus on API designining with GraphQL through Python.

I would start off with introducing the concept of GraphQL, why was it made and what are the more natural type of problems it tries to solve. It will be followed by presentation of some minor use cases and how an API designer would go on thinking about the design. How Python and GraphQL come together and an introduction to the Graphene work-flow will precede the longest part of the tutorial, developing a real life Asset Tracking API with Django and Graphene. I had created RESTful asset tracking systems with Django few years back. I intend to create a similar and simplified version through GraphQL and explain every step along the way, with relevant and neutral experience comparisons when needed. My main focus will be on three "How to"-s in descending order of emphasis: i) How to Think, ii) How to Create, iii) How to Test.


Mafinar Khan

Mafinar Khan learned Python in 2001 and had since then been trying to talk about it to any programmer he meets. He has been with the Python community of Bangladesh from the very beginning and participated in various workshops, seminars, and conferences. He has been professionally working with Python since 2009 and constructed several Asset Tracking Solutions, business automation systems and productivity tools with it. Mafinar currently works in Tread Inc and works mostly in the back-end whirling Python, Golang and GraphQL. When not coding, he enjoys movies, really spicy foods, and annoying his 3 year old.