Simple made easy 2: a new infrastructure for microservices on Nov. 19, 2017 at 11:50 a.m. in Tutorial (R-M150)

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This tutorial illustrates how self-trained “citizen programmers” can employ Python to create exactly the Microservices they need and want. This empowers the stakeholders, and eases many of the cultural problems that so often bring conflict in software development work. The DSI methodology is inherently Agile, because it naturally supports the 12 Principles (without scrums, kanbans, standups, or micro-managing) DSI systems can be built so as to expose just a tiny attack surface. Disaster recovery based on immutable data storage can be engineered into each design. DSI is ideal for Iot data sources. Development of the microservices can proceed in parallel, in remote shops. Late-arriving change orders are not disruptive.


Steve Jackson

Steve Jackson is an Electrical Engineer with 40 years of experience with designing and manufacturing a variety of hardware and software products - embedded systems for cash registers, theatre ticketing and kiosk applications, and bank teller automation equipment. He has lived through the 30-year software crisis, and recalls a time before the crisis began. In the good old days, when you needed a program, you wrote a program. DSI takes us back to this happy dynamic of controlling our own projects, with a minimum of system complexity. His desktop is Ubuntu.