How to make your elementary school homework more fun with Python on Nov. 19, 2017 at 1:55 p.m. in R-M120

In this talk I show off some of the ways I've made my elementary school homework more interesting using various pieces of python. This ranges from automating the generation of "factor trees", which became a script that generated at least 10 different images creating a giant poster of information that barely works, to writing an entire 3d engine from scratch for a project to model a backyard. The code behind these endeavors is sometimes crazy, and often has a pretty funny story behind it. At least it’s better than whatever garbage that a block based programming tool educators keep pushing on me will create! I will also be posting all the code (as well as some that didn't make the talk) in a giant git repository on my github afterwards.


Matthew Mirvish

I'm a 13 year old who has been writing code since I was 5. I write games, automate some schoolwork, and sometimes build robots. I only just graduated elementary school, but I am a member of Ryerson University's R3 Robotics Club where I wrote code for their mars rover and traveled to Utah to compete at the University Rover Competition with them.