It’s a Pythonic Day in the Neighborhood - Data Harvesting Mr. Rogers on Nov. 19, 2017 at 1:55 p.m. in R-M130 streams ‘Mr. Rogers Neighborhood’ aired for over 7 million viewers spanning 432 hours. Utilizing the Twitch API, WebSockets, IRC protocol, and Python, I created a bot that sat in-channel and collected both chat and user action events. This data was then analyzed to examine metrics of user engagement, audience reaction, retention rates, and keyword/phrase frequency in hopes to benefit future iterations of similar events.

The spirit and intent of this talk is to present a simplistic example of how I used python to: - communicate with the API - build websockets - collect data (chat text, api calls, and scraping webpage info) - analyze data - create a fun python project that introduces the aforementioned subjects to both beginner and experienced pythonistas!


Cody Antunez

Howdy! My name is Cody Antunez from Austin, Texas. I build web applications using Django, Python, and React for research groups around the world at the Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences within the University of Texas at Austin. I am an avid gamer, hiker, Rick and Morty fanatic, and cat owner. Although I live in Texas, I love Tim Hortons, poutine, and maple syrup (yes, the real stuff), which is only a small part of the reason why I am attending PyCon Canada!