import datetime: bonding over code on Nov. 19, 2017 at 2:25 p.m. in R-M120

We'll be presenting this talk in English. Coding tends to be a problem-focused activity where the coder needs to break down the requirements of the code and solve it like a puzzle. Focusing on this problem-solving can easily cause people to fall into the trap of working alone excessively. While solo work certainly has its benefits, particularly for those who are more introverted, it’s rarely enough on its own. Collaborative work is becoming more common (though arguably to a detrimental extent with open office designs). But collaborative work can also fall in the trap of being focused on problem-solving. You work with a colleague, finish the project, then move on. But what if coding was a way to build stronger interpersonal bonds? Rather than only focus on the problem, collaborative work can be a way of sharing different perspectives, sharing a similar goal, and coding can “break the ice” for you to engage in non-code-related conversations. Doing so can strengthen your relationships, make it easier to network, can break up the monotony of sitting at a computer looking at code, and can have mental health benefits.


Bee & Dee DeCator

Beth (is an early career professional from a medical background, interested in everything regarding learning Python, and self-directed learning in general. Currently, works on launching a career in biomedical informatics, and data science. Dray is a doctoral student in clinical child psychology who does some coding on the side to make psychology information more easily accessible for families (e.g., hosting a website, making apps).